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Journal of Student Financial Aid: “High school students and their families, high school counselors, financial aid professionals, admissions professionals, and other organizations interested in higher education should be encouraged to read this book. It is a quick and easy read, and provides invaluable information that offers important insight to college admissions and financial aid practices.” —Margot O’Meara

Family Circle: Columnist Maria Masters interviewed Carol Stack for her article on “College Saving Secrets” in the magazine’s March 2013 issue.

The Kansas City Star: “After reading [The Financial Aid Handbook], I came to one inescapable conclusion: It’s much better to be a payee than a payer.” —Steve Rosen

The Kansas City Star: “Should Students Have a Stake in Tuition?” Columnist Steve Rosen interviewed Carol for a May 31, 2013 article on the topic of student tuition contributions.

MPR’s Bright Ideas: Minnesota Public Radio’s Stephen Smith invited Carol Stack to appear on Bright Ideas at NPR headquarters to discuss new ways to view the college financing puzzle, myths about paying for college, and how to navigate the complex, and sometimes intimidating, financial aid system. MPR has kindly provided both video and transcript at the link, and this conversation is an excellent resource for anyone looking for an in-depth discussion of all the issues surrounding the college payment process. The Q&A session features several very thoughtful and frequently asked questions from parents.

The Oregonian: “[The Financial Aid Handbook] help[s] students and families tackle this expensive and intimidating process in a new, practical, refreshing way…. Be sure to add this book to your holiday wish list.” —Brett Hunsberger

MPR On Campus: MPR reporter Alex Friedrich recaps his favorite points from Carol Stack’s Bright Ideas appearance.

American RadioWorks on NPR: For many parents, the prospect of paying for a child’s college education is daunting. A college degree today costs ten times what it did fifty years ago. In this podcast, American RadioWorks clears up some of the biggest misconceptions about paying for college with Carol Stack, co-author of The Financial Aid Handbook.

The Mary Hanson Show: Hanson interviewed Carol Stack for her show, the longest-running independently produced cable program in the United States, on the process of selecting and paying for college. Reruns air on Twin Cities Public Television (TPT), Channel 2.

The Chicago Tribune: The Tribune’s Dan Serra interviews Ruth Vedvik about the cost-conscious college search. This article also ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

CBS Money Watch: CBS reporter Kathy Kristof interviewed Carol Stack on the 7 biggest myths about paying for college.

MSN Money: Columnist Donna Freedman cites the debt guidelines from The Financial Aid Handbook in her practical guide to paying for college.

Fox Business: FOX reporter Christina Couch interviewed Carol Stack on available tax credits for higher education.

Edu in Review: “This advice could not be more timely… The tone is easy to follow and the advice is straightforward, making this book a great resource for any college-bound student who’s worried about paying for college.” —Margaret Badore

WEEK Channel 25, Peoria, IL: “I might characterize it as really the first unvarnished guidebook about the process of finding the right college. More than that, really, finding the right value,” —Executive Director of Financial Assistance David Pardiek, Bradley University

Circles of Change Radio With Zara Larsen: Larsen interviewed both Stack and Vedvik for her hourlong syndicated radio show.


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