If you need additional copies of the charts available in the book, we’ve got them! Click on the following links to download a PDF.

Many of the FAQs we’ve had about the book are answered in Carol’s discussion with Stephen Smith in her guest appearance on Minnesota Public Radio’s Bright Ideas series. MPR has kindly provided both video and transcript at the link, and this conversation is an excellent resource for anyone looking for an in-depth discussion of all the issues surrounding the college payment process.

Please note that we’ve only included the charts; the instructions on how to use them are available in the book. To buy it now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or IndieBound, please follow the links to the right.

Revised Edition:

Chapter 6: Pages 151-152

Chapter 6: Page 159

Chapter 7: Page 169

The Financial Aid Timeline

Chapter 10: Pages 209-210


Original Edition:
Chapter 6: Pages 134 and 135

Chapter 6: Page 142

Chapter 7: Page 150

Chapter 10: Pages 194 and 195

The Financial Aid Timeline


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